Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trusses on our house!

We got all the trusses set on our house this weekend (except for the garage because the concrete isn't done yet). Sure was pretty neat to see so much progress in one weekend. We had alot of help (and alot of wind..........).

Vaccuming & "Dangerous Thunder"

Lyla likes to help me vaccum. When she shuts it off, she is talking about thunder (and lightning) and it being "Dangerous"!

Listen Up..............

Pink the Pig

A week ago, Aunt MeMe took Lyla to build a Buddy. She got to do this because she had been a big girl and using the potty. She picked out a pink pig that she put a swim suit on, sunglasses and sandals. Turned out pretty darn cute. She named the pig "Pink".

She got to help fill Pink with stuffing, give her a bath, weigh her and name her. She even got a birth certificate for this silly thing!!!

Misc Pictures

Father's Day

Lyla and her new helmet.

Aunt MeMe's new nail technician ..........