Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lyla's Salamander

The weekend before Gage was born (Monday), we were working on the garage footings and walls for our house and Lyla found a salamander under some boards. That night before we went home, Bub & MeMe took Lyla down to the water tank to release the salamander.........because it sure wasn't coming home with us!!

Lyla riding on swather.

Lyla rode on the swather with Papa this summer, and she thought that we pretty neat!! I knew there was a reason we moved a smaller town!

Dad's 50th Birthday Party

Lewistown Fair

Camping & Rodeo

Lyla @ Rodeo in Stanford

Lyla went camping with Aunt MeMe, Uncle Bub, Grandma & Papa for a few days during the 4th of July.

Feeding the Ducks

On July 1, we went to feed the ducks at Gibson Park in Great Falls. All we had was a crusty dried up donut, but the ducks and geese sure did like it.